Photography, Pictures & Words Challenge, Writing Prompt

Pictures & Words Day 3: Red

Photo/Writing Prompt: Red

Photo taken at Red Arrow Beach, Manitowoc, WI

Mamma always painted her toenails red. Maybe not always. I don’t really know. The older I get the more I realize that my memories are rather suspect. They are mostly images and ideas formed in my brain from stories told to me and photos shown to me. They aren’t truly my memories. They are transfers, secondhand copies of someone else’s remembrances.

The red toenails come from a photo. An old picture from the beach when I was two. Someone took it from above, standing over where Mamma and I sat facing the water. Side by side, knees up and heels in the rough sand. Our wide, flopping sunhats shadowed our shoulders. My tiny toes rest near hers. Hers are painted red.

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