Photography, Pictures & Words Challenge, Writing Prompt

Pictures & Words Day 4: Independence Day

Photo/Writing Prompt: Celebrate

So far I’ve used these prompts to write bits of fiction. Today, Independence Day, I’m just going to write my thoughts. We celebrate America today. My country. My homeland. Land of beauty and adventure and opportunity. Land of violence and hatred and prejudice and greed.

There are days when I don’t feel like celebrating this place. A lot of days. I open a news website to check out the latest national headlines and I am bombarded by the spectrum of destruction. Left to myself, I don’t know that I’d have done anything today to celebrate.

But I have little children. Little children deserve hope. They deserve to discover the underlying greatness of this endeavor we call the United States of America. They need to know the worth of the lives laid down for it all. They must come to value freedom and realize that true freedom and independence allows you to do what is right and good for all, not simply whatever serves your appetites in the moment. Maybe the best way to open their minds to that truth is to start with celebration. Celebration of the origins and the ideals, the sacrifices and the dreams; perhaps in those celebrations we plant the seeds of commitment to being the ones who tip the balance toward light and away from darkness in this country.

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