Love, Marriage

Keeps Getting Better

On my brief commute this morning, I flipped between radio stations a few times. The latest Katy Perry tune just wasn’t my cup of tea nor were the DJ’s bantering conversations. I settled on a Rascal Flatts song I hadn’t heard before. Only half the song played before I reached my parking spot but that’s all it took to leave me disappointed. The theme was the urgency of getting married because there wasn’t any reason not to do so. His most persuasive argument: “I can’t imagine loving you any more than I do today.” Romantic? Sweet? Or the makings of a failed marriage?

I know, I know, I’m being far too analytical about a country song, but the statement really bothered me! Maybe when you first realize you’re in love, it’s so intense that it’s valid to say you can’t imagine loving the other person more than you do at that point. However as the relationship continues, as time passes and the bond is deepened and solidified, you learn, with considerable amazement, that it is indeed possible to love your beloved more today than the day before. You begin to hope that the trend will continue: tomorrow will see more love than today; next month will see greater commitment than this month; next year will see a richer experience of each other’s love than this year. The journey towards marriage ought to make it perfectly reasonable to have confident faith in the ongoing growth of your love for one another. The urgent lust that seems to underly this man’s request that they get married immediately? Sure, that might cool off. The passion might even out. The love, though, just keeps getting better. That’s what I’m waiting and hoping for; nothing less will persuade me to attend the wedding.

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