Faith, Personal Reflection


Oh, head cold, you have such a knack for slowing me down. Pressure and congestion and coughing… I am not a pretty sight this morning. As my sister put it after I was dressed for the day, “You look really nice, except for your face.” Throw together a handful of nights of too little sleep (and restless sleep, at that), some unexpected traveling and emotionally trying days and we have pitch perfect circumstances for getting under the weather.

One thing I will say about colds though, they are masters at making me settle down. I’ve wondered if anytime I catch a bad cold, God’s been trying to calm me down for a while but I miss His subtlty and so He allows for a more direct tactic. I wouldn’t put it past Him… or me. So, I’m giving in. Under a dizzy fog of Dayquil, I will lay low. I will rest. I will enjoy a few simple comforts – a favorite blanket, a mug of tea, a bowl of chicken soup. And I will wait.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s precisely the point the Lord is trying to make with me. Waiting: what I am not doing when I get ahead of myself, whether it be in actions taken or in mindsets and expectations; what I am not doing when I attempt to shape God’s will, letting Him know what He ought to be accomplishing in my life; what I may do better under duress of a head cold and a dosage of humility.

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