Follow Through

Thanks to tennis lessons, I am currently learning the importance of follow through. Where you stop your swing makes a noticeable difference in where that shot lands. So the phrase, “Follow through!” has rung repeatedly in my ears in the voices of my twelve year old coaches. (Okay, they aren’t twelve, but they are young enough to make me feel old.)

It comes up off the tennis court as well, like when I sit down at my desk to write. Follow through! I am perceiving that this novel is a real “hand to the plow” scenario; a worthy undertaking not to be accomplished quickly, halfheartedly or without considerable commitment. On Tuesday, I began writing chapter four. The lengthy delay between writing chapters three and four has me pondering my commitment to the task. Except for the occasional interval of overwhelming dedication, this was a struggle as I wrote the first novel too. Instead of being one of the things for which I sacrificed other occupations and activities, time spent writing is included in the category of expendable if other things came up. That’s really no way for a writer to function, at least not a writer who ever wants to get past hobby level. Believe me, I am way past hobby level, even if my consistency doesn’t always show it.

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