Gratitude, Personal Reflection

Whines, Weddings and Wines

The crying, screaming, whining children were out in full force at the grocery store today. WOW. It is fifteen minute intervals like those that remind me how glad I am to be an aunt and how little of a hurry I’m in to be a mother.

During lunch break I posted pictures on facebook from my friend Tina’s wedding this past weekend. It was a rather gorgeous event. I enjoyed every minute and drove away from the reception hall thinking how extraordinarily blessed I am by the friends and family who surrounded me as I grew up. It was a weekend of realizing how much I’ve overlooked the many ways the Lord took care of me simply by placing me in the circumstances He chose when I was born.

I just received an email from 2 Lads Winery on Old Mission Peninsula. The Chardonnay that I had a chance to taste from the barrel in May is now bottled and ready to sell. Would it be an inexcusable waste of time and money to drive down there to buy some? Don’t judge me. You haven’t tasted it. I emailed to ask if they ship their wines for out of town orders. Here’s hoping…

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