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Pictures & Words Day 9: On My Screen

Photo/Writing Prompt: On My Screen
On Saturday, I revisited a short story I began writing in January. It was a couple months since I last touched it. Reading it with fresh eyes I found I loved the words I’d put on the page. That isn’t always the case when I return to a previous idea or snippet of a story. 
It’s a quiet little story. Sentimental. I hope someday I’ll have it complete and I can share it with you in one way or another. That’s what I hope every time I start a story that I believe I could see through to its last lines. 
This is my first venture into the short story genre. It’s a challenge. I tend toward too many words, something that a short story author can’t afford. It is exactly the sort of project that I need as a fiction writer!
Maybe I’ll post an excerpt on here soon, or I’ll wait until it is finished and introduce you to Martin and Irene Tucker at that time. Stay tuned!

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