Photography, Pictures & Words Challenge, Writing Prompt

Pictures & Words Day 6: Leaving It Til Morning

Photo/Writing Prompt: Close Up

I slipped into the water. The steam hit my face and I closed my eyes, feeling the moisture gather on my lashes. The faucet went on filling the tub with tiny splashes as the new water hit the surface. It was already deep enough to cover my hips but I let it run on. I’d added lavender scented bubbles and I inhaled slowly, deeply. Further, lower, I sunk until my chin touched the water. With my toes, I pushed the handle of the faucet to halt its flow. Then I began a relaxation technique I’d learned years ago.

Think about my toes; relax my toes. Think about my feet; relax my feet. Calves… thighs… stomach… working my way up through every muscle, every part until I reached my face. I felt the tension loosen between my eyebrows and at the base of my skull.

I needed this. After today, no, after the last three days, I needed this. It wouldn’t fix anything, but fixing everything is exactly what has me feeling this way. For tonight, it’s a bath, a book, music. That’s all. No fixing. No solving. It’ll all still be there waiting for me in the morning.

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