Unexamined Life

Most have heard that age old Socrates quote, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” For many months now I have lived that unexamined life. Caught up in the whirlwind of discovering love and now planning a wedding, I inadvertently slipped into a new mode of operation. The reflection and contemplation that characterized my previous days was discarded in a subconcious assurance that I’d reached what I’d been aiming for with all that internal effort. It felt as though now I was in the era of action, rather than thought. That I’d built up toward all this and now I could simply do it. Reflection seemed the proper accompaniment to waiting. I was done waiting. Sadly, I now realize I was also done reflecting. It has produced havoc, this forsaking of examination. Damage. Each struggle I’m facing right now – in my heart with God, in my relationship with my fiance, in so much more – no matter which path of excuses I take it inevitably rounds a bend to reach this truth.

So what now? The contemplative version of myself seems but a distant acquaintance, one that cannot be brought back to intimacy in a mere moment. Yet I can take a step toward her. Right now. And in the next hour. And in the next morning. And in the next night. That first step to regain her presence took me to the Scriptures, thankfully.

I found myself in 1 Corinthians 13. Talk about age old statements, right? Love is patient and kind… not jealous or rude or arrogant or insisting on its own way. Hits me in the gut as I recall it again. St. Paul was naming off what I’d become in certain aspects of my love relationships! A point by point list of how I’d chosen to be in my words, actions and thoughts.

Then, by the Holy Spirit’s help, I stumbled upon this devotional blog post: That Holy Spirit, He knows what He’s doing. The author presents a perspective on “choice points,” those moment by moment choices we make that seem insignificant but in reality affect our lives and those in our lives to a great degree. I have a serious tendency to focus everywhere but the moment I’m currently dwelling inside and so lack awareness of the immediate effects wrought by my words and actions. This choice points lens has the potential to change my daily vision.

As it has in the past I’ve no doubt that this blog of mine can be useful in the quest for reflection and awareness. I don’t know if I have any readers left, absent as I’ve been. If I do though, I thank you and I welcome your input.

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