‘Tis the Season

And so it begins! It’s Thanksgiving week and that will usher us into Advent, which will build to Christmas which will fly by to New Year’s. I love this busy, blessed, overwhelming, enjoyable time of year. Truth be told, every time I look at the calendar I feel like someone is pulling a prank. How is it already time for Thanksgiving and all that follows?!
Tonight we’ll attend the annual Appleton Christmas Parade then my sister and I are watching the Hallmark movie, “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving.” Wonderfully cheesy and sentimental, just right to usher in the season.
I am trying my darnedest to not become overwhelmed this week… or in any of the coming weeks. The forced facing of the reality of living without a personal computer is the opposite of helpful. My laptop took a devastating crash this weekend and the tragedy has me in a bit of a panic.
There is online shopping to be done! And keeping abreast of friends’ holiday adventures via facebook! And family email exchanges to settle plans with each other! I need to figure out what saint to ask for intercessory prayer for my hard drive to be restored. In the meantime I shall comfort myself with Matt’s homemade pumpkin pie ice cream and blogging during work hours.

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