Personal Reflection

Sleep Deprived

A series of much too late nights and I have reached Friday with dark circles under my eyes and yawns escaping at an all too frequent rate. I am tired. Tired, tired, tired. It is an effort simply to keep my head held up and my eyelids open. And so, I need to formally lodge some complaints… with myself….
1. Carrie Sue, it is time to recognize that you’re getting old. You cannot fully function on 6 hours or less sleep per night. In fact, you probably wouldn’t do well on less than 7 hours for more than one consecutive night. In exactly 2 months, you will be 30. Yes, 30. Since you have never been that 20-something girl who still parties like she’s a co-ed (nor did you do so when you were actually a co-ed), there is no reason to think your body has been properly trained for such minimal amounts of sleep even if it’s for the sake of watching The Big Bang Theory episodes on your boyfriend’s couch rather than getting wasted.
2. Why do you insist on sacrificing the essentials when you are crunched for time and/or energy? Prayer, exercise, reading – have you seriously not yet learned that these are not the things to be set aside when you’re having a week like this one? Oh, foolish, foolish Carrie Sue. You have spent oh so many years learning this lesson. You must have a remarkably thick skull.
3. Sleep deprivation = crankiness = you are not all that pleasant to be around. Do your loved ones a favor and get some rest.

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