Personal Reflection

Strange Days

A headache had me flat on the couch for hours this afternoon. Eventually I moved to my bed and prayed and cried a bit until I fell asleep. It was a heavy sleep that I didn’t rise from for three hours. Now I find myself awake when I should be readying for bed. Closing my eyes in the daylight and opening them in the dark, I feel off kilter and am desperately hoping I’ll be able to slip back into sleep sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I decided to turn on the television and watch a bit of the coverage on my DV-R of Blessed John Paul II’s beatification. With a little restless channel scrolling, I’m now flipping between this and the breaking news of Osama Bin Laden’s death at the hands of United States personnel. The combination, along with my shaky nerves from the headache, is rendering this the strangest day in recent memory.

The pain is returning to my head after some relief during my sleep. I haven’t eaten much today, which probably isn’t helping matters. As I’d awoken this morning with several ambitions for this rare day to be spent at home with no company, there’s no denying I was thoroughly disappointed by how things went. Now though, I’m filled with a gripping sense of the littleness of my sufferings. I am a member of this vast human society. It’s a society riddled with sickness and war, instability and death… trying to catch hold of peace but never certain of its finest course.

This is a terribly rambling message, I realize. So go my thoughts though. Blessed John Paul II, advocate of the true peace of Christ that passes beyond our understanding, pray for us.

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