2011 So Far

Why hello, Blogosphere! It’s been a while. Too long, really. I’ve had the itch to blog for many days now but haven’t taken the time. As well, I haven’t hit on a particular topic to expound upon or story to tell. Yet, here I am. Typing away instead of processing invoices for multifunction office machines and their accessories.

I rang in the new year with a fancy dress and my friends’ wedding. Matt and I slipped away early though and welcomed midnight with living room slow dances and a sweet kiss. It was a lovely night. Naturally, a few resolutions were also made: floss every day, worry less, relax more, read Scripture every day, watch less TV, and put more money aside for savings. I’ve done well on the flossing and the savings so far. The rest are a more gradual adaptation.

The new year also brought a new job. I’m still with the same company but gladly accepted an unsought promotion. It brings new challenges and a small raise and I welcome both.

January has been snowy and I’m quite ready for spring. As my readiness doesn’t accomplish anything though, I must choose the silver lining instead. Winter lends itself well to indoor hours of reading and writing. As a new member of two book clubs, the reading has certainly increased and I’m loving that. The writing… why, oh why am I having such a difficult time rededicating myself to writing? My desire to be published, to have Full of Days finally go to print, is stubbornly consistent. The same cannot be said of my certainty that I should keep trying. Oh fear, you’re such a leech, while courage, you’re rank with the more elusive creatures. Lately though, other folks’ willingness to take risks and make big, bold moves is pushing me along on this path of recommitment. I look at their decisions and pursuits and wonder how I could settle for holding myself back. So, it’s back to the drawing board – or the editing desk. This novel will see the light of day. It will.

And that’s that. An underwhelming post, I know, but it will have to do.

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