Love, Personal Reflection


For the past five years I’ve maintained the habit of eating my lunch at home alone. The office being a three to five minute drive from my house, depending on green lights, this has been a completely reasonable option for me. I’ve savored the time by myself, interrupting the workday with an hour to myself, maybe with some productivity or simply some relaxation. I’ve always been someone who needs a bit of time to myself here and there, so these at home lunches have served me well.

No more. Matt and I work in the same office. Our relationship began with lunch dates. We’ve now reached the point of only an occasional lunch apart from each other. The way I used to crave that hour alone and miss it if I had to skip it more than once a week, the same can now be said of lunches with Matt. Today I opted to have a long overdue lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in several months. Delightful as it was to catch up and spend an hour enjoying conversation with that friend, in the back of my mind was the constant awareness of missing Matt at my side.

It’s a simple little thing, this shift in my lunching preference. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes over it or perhaps you think it’s sweet. What’s the point of sharing this tidbit with you? I guess it has me thinking about the changes wrought in my life over the last three months. Three months… it doesn’t seem long enough in the scheme of things to achieve such marked changes in a person’s day to day life. As are so many aspects of life lately, this is just another reminder of how capable God is of taking us by surprise as He works out His plans in our lives – especially if we are carrying around expectations, as I know I have done so very much of the time.

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