Friendship, Personal Reflection


What is it about today that has me missing a particular friend so terribly? I can’t put my finger on it. All I know is that it’s hitting me hard today. He has been the definition of “a good friend” for the last few years – good for a laugh, good for a hug, good for counsel, good for conversation. Due to some particularly trying circumstances, we’ve had to go our separate ways other than an occasional email. I miss him… and today I miss him more than usual.

My priest often comments on how we all have to learn the difficult lesson of letting go of certain relationships at the proper time. When clinging to it or remaining in it would undermine what was good in the relationship in the first place, or when the other person is keeping you from continuing on the road the Lord is taking you down, the question arises of whether that person is supposed to be in your life any longer (or you in theirs). His remarks had yet to hit home for me, not because I’ve never seen someone leave my life or experienced an end to a relationship but because all those endings have happened quite naturally. For one to end when nothing in me wants it to end… to have to make that choice because I know it must be made but nothing thereafter makes me glad it has ended… that’s a new experience for me and not one that I am enjoying.

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