Faith, Friendship, Holiness, Personal Reflection


A situation has arisen that has me questioning nearly everything. My motives and intentions, my ability to love as I ought to love, my friendships, my work; I feel like I’m being subjected to a scrutinizing exam to which I have none of the answers. That all sounds a bit dramatic which is something I don’t like to hear in my own words. I tend to get that way when I am feeling this low. Let’s put it this way: it’s tough to be hated. How am I to react to that? Apology, guilt, shock, sadness, anger, defensiveness – each of them have marched into my heart and are taking turns at the top of the stack.

Of course the words of Christ keep flashing into my brain, “turn the other cheek”… and the work of mercy to bear wrongs patiently. This isn’t to say I have no responsibility in this situation or that I am wholly without guilt. Yet I have never felt more keenly what Christ was talking about, that there would be circumstances that call for meekness instead of anger, patience instead of rash reactions, sacrifice for reparation instead of defense of pride. Only He knows what I’ll need in order to actually do those things; they certainly aren’t going to come out of my own strength or goodness.

For now I’d settle for some confidence in the “this too shall pass” mantra.

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