And Now We Wait… and Wait

Well, Full of Days is officially submitted to Sophia Institute Press, the one and only Catholic publisher I have found who actually prints a few fiction titles once in a while. Sending a manuscript submission always takes a lot out of me. I hit send on that email or attach the postage to that envelope with shaking hands. The panicked sort of thrill leaves me scattered and on edge for at least the rest of the day. There is this immense sense of helplessness after sending it out. The ball is in the publisher’s court, and will likely lie still on the floor for a couple of months at least before they make any sort of move. Heck, Moody Publishing has held onto the ball for the better part of a year now. If I knew any way to get that ball rolling, you can bet I’d be doing it.

Enough with the ball metaphor. I said about four different prayers before sending that email minutes ago. When I’d repeated “Jesus, I trust in You” enough times to grasp a brief flash of calm, the submission was sent on its way. What kind of reception it will be given is next to impossible to know.

I think a glass of wine is in order. Or two. Starting now.

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