“Good sir, this is not good.”

If anyone can tell me what romantic comedy that line is from, I’ll bake you cookies and send them through the mail. And I make good cookies.

Anyway, I started a new book this morning. “Lord! What are You getting me into?” What the heck am I doing starting a new book when I’ve had to set aside my current writing project for an indefinite amount of time? But the idea was there, the first paragraphs were there and I simply had no way around it. The words had to be written down. Truth be told, I’ve started several books, insofar as I’ve written down the seeds of the idea or the first paragraphs, and then never returned to them. No big deal; I just dislike letting a possibly good idea completely slip away. They’re all projects that could be developed in the future or not, either way being okay with me. So maybe this one shouldn’t have me worried either. I don’t know, though. The concept solidified with remarkable swiftness and the urge to dive into it is strong. It’s different than any of the others. Nonfiction, for one thing. I’ve always felt I could write nonfiction should the right project, timing and impetus converge on me. What will come of this is anyone’s guess. At the moment though, it’s just making it harder to dedicate myself to the responsibilities immediately at hand.

Oh yeah, and I have a vague idea for another novel too but that hasn’t been written down yet. This hole I’m standing in just got dug a little deeper. It’s getting tough to see from here.

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