11:45. I switched off my light and laid down, ready to sink into sleep for 6 1/2 hours. Before I could though, the rain began. My window was open and the rhythmic sound of the hard rain rushed inside. It was irresistible. I fought to stay awake for a while just to listen. If I concentrated, I could discern the softer landing of the drops on the leaves of the tree outside my bedroom. I was tired and had gone to bed a bit melancholy, allowing too many impatient thoughts to take hold. But with that sound, with that soaking, driving sound of the rain, came reassurance. I laughed a little at myself as I lay there. I laughed at the way I run to God with so many words, so many tumbling, pleading thoughts to communicate to Him, and then I struggle to hear Him. Turns out all I had to do was be still and let Him bring the rain. He’s a master at subtlety and I would do well to remember that. I listened until I couldn’t listen anymore and when I woke this morning, the first thing I comprehended was the freshness wafting in from the soaked earth.

Give ear, O heavens, while I speak; let the earth hearken to the words of my mouth!
May my instruction soak in like the rain, and my discourse permeate like the dew,
Like a downpour upon the grass, like a shower upon the crops.
For I will sing the LORD’S renown. Oh, proclaim the greatness of our God!
(Deuteronomy 32:1-3)

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