Personal Reflection

The Thursday I Wish Was Friday

So, my boss compared me to Craig Counsell today. An ‘ultimate utility player’ was his phrase. You have to be a Brewers fan to understand, but that’s a darn good compliment. 🙂 Makes me a little less impatient with the fact that I’ve spent three-fifths of my work week covering three other people’s jobs when they each took a different day off.

I’m looking forward to this crazy weekend. Not sure how I’ll be fitting everything in but the attempt should prove itself fun. Let’s see… house & dog-sitting for friends, a cookout with a group of friends (really must figure out what I’m contributing to that meal and when I’ll find time to make it), a zany olympics competition with the same group (here’s hoping I don’t fall off the balance beam or fall victim to any of the other ready occasions for humiliation), cooking an owed dinner for someone and watching the Brewers game with him on Saturday night, and (hopefully, hopefully, hopefully) finishing chapter six and at least starting chapter seven of the new book. The only reason I’m not mad at myself for having this kind of weekend after this kind of week, is that next week looks to be full of chill out evening hours and very little scheduled activity. So as long as I am still standing come Monday, I’m confident I’ll recover.

Tonight is my last tennis lesson of the summer. I’m really glad I signed up for it. Am I a better tennis player now? Weeeelllllll…. let’s just say I am a tennis player now. I do actually know what moves to make and swings to choose and how to serve properly, which wasn’t the case at the start of the summer. However, learning how to play doesn’t guarantee being able to play. But the absence of ignorance of the game has at least been replaced with the slightest amount of skill, and I’m glad for that.

This morning I thought it was Friday. One of the truly great disappointments in life, in my opinion.

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