Weekend Wahoos

Twenty-four minutes until my work week is finished and I can head home. Only stopping there for a brief visit though, to gather my suitcase and my sister, then it’s time to drive to the good old hometown of Stephenson, MI. Tina’s wedding is tomorrow, which means rehearsal and dinner tonight. Bonus: today is my dear friend, Erin’s birthday and I’ll actually get to spend some time with her tonight. She and her husband are camping out on Lake Michigan at our favorite little park so we will keep company with them after the rehearsal dinner. I’m bringing the cake!

My head is pounding and I just don’t care. Today is a better day than I’ve had in probably two or three weeks straight. This isn’t because of the great weekend ahead, but rather because of the great writing ahead. Traveling, over-socializing, tennis lesson-ing and Bible studying have kept me much too busy, much too able to set aside the book for a very long time. Packed full days turn into packed full weeks, tiredness turns into mental listlessness, and my pen and paper sit neglected in the center desk drawer. I pulled it out earlier this week though. The first day, I left it alone. Let it see the sunlight and breathe the fresh air, but didn’t give it any personal attention. Anytime I stay away too long, I become afraid that I will read what was last written and be forced to admit that it is, for lack of a better term, crap. Fear is my greatest enemy in this matter of writing (and in other matters too, but that’s beside the point). Day two of the notebook being out of the drawer, I read chapters one and two. I remembered how much I care about this story, how excited I am to create these characters. Day three, I read chapter three. My imagination is poised to run with this story. Reinvigorated: that is the summarizing word.

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