Personal Reflection


Another entirely self-serving usage of this blog: procrastination. It’s time to file our company sales taxes again. As this is my least favorite job duty (i.e. I loathe it), I tend to set it aside until I really have nothing else to do and no excuses left. Every month I file sales tax in about 10 states, every quarter it increases to 30, and with every new year, I file in a total of 37 states in which we do business. It’s tedious and time consuming and throughout the process, I carry this vague feeling that I still have no clue what I’m doing and I might be setting my company up for trouble with the IRS. My boss continues to have confidence that I’ve figured this whole sales tax thing out and as I like gainful employment, I try not to undermine that impression.

It’s the weekend! Or it will be in 7.5 hours. This weekend I am staying in Appleton. June is disappearing by way of packed weekends, chaotic weeks and so far, very little warmth. But this weekend will be different. Sunshine and 70’s are forecasted. My car will not drive further than 8 miles in any given journey. (That’s the distance to the town where my church is located.) I’ll actually make it back to the gym now that my foot feels better. Tomorrow night I will chill at the minor league baseball game, assuming rain doesn’t ruin those plans. Any necessary preparation for the six week Bible study I begin leading on Monday will get done. Who knows, maybe I’ll even dust off my notepad and start chapter four of The Mercy Hour. My pen and paper ought to be taken into protective custody for how shamefully I’ve neglected them of late.

Alright, but first I have to trudge through these taxes. Copper Boom!

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