Wile Away the Boredom

Yup, I’m bored. I am selfishly turning to this blog for some relief. It’s a slow week here at work. Anyone who knows me knows that is one of my least favorite circumstances. Boredom is torturous to me. So, I can’t promise this will be interesting or insightful, but blogging appears to be my only hope at the moment.

I am doing what I can to not dwell on all the things I would rather be occupying my time with instead of sitting at this desk, wondering how I’ll fill the hours until 5 pm. I just took a phone break to chat with Tina, my friend who will be married in 3 weeks. She had to give me the details on the rehearsal and dinner the night before the wedding. I am heartily fond of a good wedding. The wistful longing for my own wedding day always hits a day later, but I am able to delight in celebrating my friends’ weddings without jealousy. Plus, most weddings provide valid excuses to have more than one drink, eat cake and dance for hours. That’s one of my personal definitions of ‘a good time.’ Although, I do think it’d be awfully fun to have a date for one of these weddings I attend. Anyone interested? I promise a good time. No, not that sort of good time, but the fun, laughing, good food, good drinks, good conversation and of course dancing sort of good time.

I’m ridiculously happy for Tina. She’s one of God’s sweetest creatures, and hilarious on top of it. Then there are Brian and Addie, my friends who were married last Saturday. I met Brian nearly six years ago, shortly after I moved to Appleton. He was always going on blind first dates, rarely on second dates and almost never on third dates. He wanted to find her so badly. Comparing the Brian who I met then and the Brian who got married on Saturday, the gap of happiness and contentment between the two is immense. Funny how he didn’t find her through blind dates or singles groups or anything of the sort. She was a client of his a long time ago, then a longtime friend, then girlfriend. I’ve seen quite a few of my friends ‘settle down’ into family life, but Brian and Addie are among the only ones who really cause me to hope my chance for that relationship will come fairly soon.

Alright, this wasn’t intended to be a sappy love blog. So what else is on my mind besides weddings and falling in love?

Last night I got motivated, physically speaking, for the first time in a while. Busyness and discouragement have preyed on my willingness to make an effort at the gym, when I went to the gym at all. Whenever I slack for any length of time and then begin working out again, I am reminded just how big an idiot I can be. Discouraged? Listless? Restless mind? Hmm, what might help that? Oh I don’t know, maybe a little endorphin-producing, energy-supplying, head-clearing exercise. Silly girl. I’m feeling great today after the running I did yesterday (read: slow jogging with intervals of fast walking). Today it’s time to take it to the woods. I’m revisiting that old friend of mine, the county trail in Hortonville. It’s not what I consider hiking, but the wide, flat dirt path carved through the trees, creeks, swamps, and fields makes for a superb setting for walks, jogs or bike rides. Tonight I will probably just walk, watch the birds, chat with my sisters and nieces if they come along.

I’m impatient to make it to another Brewers game. Soon, I hope. Soon.

A friend, well, more of an acquaintance, ran a marathon last weekend. I’m so proud of him! Check out his video he made to sum up the experience. (FYI: the songs during the video are his own.)

Last year another friend, Jason, completed a triathalon. He spent months amazing me with his unshakable discipline in training. He and Jake both make me ponder the idea of pushing myself that hard for something. The only endeavor in which I’ve ever come close is writing my first novel. That was a marathon of its own kind. But I can’t claim to ever have challenged myself physically in such a manner as these guys have done.

And this concludes the boredom blog. If things are still this bad in the afternoon, perhaps I will pen a part two.

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