With its start-of-summer feeling and easy, laid back mood, it was a weekend to put a smile on my face. Those weekends don’t come along as often as they used to so I soaked in the minutes and hours as thoroughly as I could. Tailgating and rooting for the Brewers at Miller Park on Saturday, then strolling around Madison on Sunday before seeing Jason Mraz in concert… talk about an abundance of fun!

It may be due to the distincly Mraz-ish atmosphere of the concert, but I am feeling lighthearted today. No, I know it wasn’t only the charm of Mr. A to Z’s musical talent. The unburdened mood is also due to my brief time spent in prayer before Mass yesterday. The Lord reminded me of the treasure of His love and the relief of entrusting my oft mistaken heart to Him. Then throughout the day, He dropped hints. Hints of sweetness, goodness and delight: the 2nd reading during Mass that was a passage from my favorite chapters in the Bible; the warmest sunshine of the year with not a single interfering cloud; blooms at the botanical gardens- pink, white, red, yellow, blue, purple and scents straight from heaven; curling my toes into plush new grass; the entirely unexpected find at the random used bookstore (who knew the brilliantly quirky British film, “Cold Comfort Farm,” was originally a novel?); a chance to begin reading that find atop a rooftop terrace overlooking Lake Monona; then the enjoyment of the music with my constant companion of enjoyment, Jessica. God does like to see us smiling.

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