Two Minute Blog

I have two minutes before I need to close up the office and head home. On tonight’s docket: planting the daffodils that are blooming in the flimsy plastic holders they came in at the store; gym; more laundry (lately it never ends); writing chapter one of The Mercy Hour (I hope). Someday I’ll get around to watching the “Chuck” season finale that was on Monday night.

The Brewers swept their series against Pittsburgh! Which puts them over the .500 mark for the season thus far. Happy about that! Also happy to know I’ll see Braden Looper pitch on Saturday. Really didn’t want it to be Suppan or Parra.

The sky that was bright and blue all day has suddenly clouded up. I’m not sure what’s up with that. Even if it rains I am going to have to plant those flowers. They can’t wait any longer.

Okay, I’m out of here. Homeward, I depart!

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