"Power Through"

Only two chapters left to edit! I think I’ll persevere tonight and trade a little sleep for the sake of finishing. Peter Bradley Adams is one of my ideal accompaniments to writing. So I’ll keep him on and keep going.

“April lay in your hands
The sign of rain for the year
You knew the time had come at last
Your heart no longer called you here”

Even once the editing is done, it’ll take some long sessions at the laptop to type in the revisions. I work on paper, then transfer things to the computer. It’s been that way all along. Writing Full of Days happened with paper and pen. I find that my already meager supply of creativity is bottled and corked when I try to write with a keyboard instead of a pen. Knowing what does and doesn’t work for me bolsters my sense of being a real writer. Having a method, having that small measure of experience, chases away the nasty idea that I’m only fooling myself.

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