August At Its End

As far as this blog goes, I have been slacking terribly. As far as everything else though, I have not. August was a highly productive and enjoyable month.

  • Manuscript Revisions: Completed! I know that I will find additional changes to make and mistakes to correct as I do an out loud read through this month. However, the intensive round of revisions that began in January is finished and I am quite pleased with the results.
  • Miles Ran: 36.5! In July, I began running regularly. At first, it was intervals of walking and jogging. Eventually, I transitioned to steady running after a warm-up. I have spent August gradually increasing the distance of my runs plus improving my pace. This is a completely new endeavor and I am loving it! I feel stronger and healthier than possibly any other time in my adult years.
  • Blog Posts: 8; A small number compared to July, so this one isn’t as celebratory of a comment as the others. Still, I enjoyed writing The Willow Tree series and the final two pieces of that story will be posted soon! The proverbial ball shall keep on rolling for my readers.
  • Writers’ Conferences Scheduled: 1! Hip, hip, hooray! A few weeks ago, I registered for my first professional writers’ conference. It will take place at the end of September in southwest Michigan. Until then, I will be preparing my “one-sheet” for the editors and agents I have the opportunity to meet there, as well as writing a draft of a proposal for my novel in case any of them are interested in knowing more about it. I’m thrilled at the idea of immersing myself in the world of writing for a few days.
  • RCIA & Adult Confirmation Classes Completed: 0, technically; One more class left in September before the candidates I’ve been teaching all summer will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. I’ll be stepping away from teaching these classes for the foreseeable future in order to focus more on writing, so it’s a bittersweet close to this journey. 
  • Dishes Washed, Laundry Folded, Meals Cooked, Hours Worked, Toys Picked Up, Children’s Books Read: Countless. My way of saying that there are so many pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of my life beyond what I talk about here. Life is good, and busy.
Now we enter September. Oh, happy month! It is my favorite of all the twelve. I plan to savor it and, God willing, be even more pleased with its results than August’s.
September’s First Rays of Sunshine (photo taken in Cleveland, WI)

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